Axis Mundi Center for Mental Health
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An agency for game-changers and global activists.

Axis Mundi offers a limited amount of placements to qualified trainees and associates who have similar values and concerns, are interested in building a practice that accrues hours towards licensure, and have the determination and perseverance necessary to do it (because it isn't easy). We offer these placements by invitation only, after an initial application process that includes spending time with our team to see if we're a good match. We believe training placement, like the therapy relationship, needs to be the right fit for everyone involved to promote success. (If it turns out that we're not right for each other, we'll do what we can to help you find what is!)

We offer a private practice model within a small community of like-minded therapists who believe that the best thing we can do for our clients, ourselves, and our world is to become radically self-aware and compassionate critical thinkers. We promote the active inclusion of social justice in our work with clients, and commit to multiple annual trainings that develop our own awareness of bias, prejudice, discrimination, and oppression. We believe in the on-going contribution to the lineage of mental health providers, and do what we can to support the clinicians both ahead of us and behind in a variety of ways.

Clinicians at AM often aren't therapists only. They teach, speak, volunteer, do post-graduate learning, start their own businesses and non-profits, partner with other organizations that have similar causes for concern, and train others. Sometimes they have large caseloads, sometimes not, depending on how they wish to develop professionally. Axis Mundi isn't dedicated to turning out therapists only - it's dedicated to the personal and professional development of its members far beyond their identities as therapists and counselors. We want to know your dreams for healing at all levels, from the self to the world, and we want to invest in that with you.

Benefits of the Axis Mundi model:

  • A private practice model that creates a business that you may take with you, if and when you decide to leave the agency, with hours that count towards licensure accrual.

  • The flexibility to work where you choose.

  • A variety of supervision arrangements that are diverse and open to your choice and schedule.

  • Support in building a business in therapy and counseling, and coaching to assist in that process - from the legal and ethical considerations to marketing efforts.

  • A community of badass people who care deeply about contributing to the world beyond the therapy room.

  • Support in potentially developing beyond the therapy world, as guided by your own path and calling.

  • Training opportunities that address many of the cultural competency deficits in many graduate programs.

  • Support for licensing endeavors from paperwork questions and processes to study aids.

Think we're a match? Let's talk. For information, contact Lacy Martinez at 510.463.4123, or at