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Licensed California Marriage and Family Therapists and Counselors have received thousands of hours and years of education, training, supervision, and direct experience. In addition, they have passed rigorous state exams that ensure they meet the highest legal and ethical standards of professional practice. Axis Mundi clinicians not only meet these standards, they have gained and continue to develop expertise in recognizing the ways oppression, privilege, and entitlement affect all of our lives on a daily basis. They are committed to contributing to making a positive difference in how we evolve and relate to each other, both within our cultures and between them.




Lacy Martinez, Licensed Marriage and family Therapist, #93493.                            

office in oakland, ca.


My clients are drawn to therapy mostly around issues of anxiety or depression that stem from feeling that life is without purpose, or that they aren't living their calling. Life experiences from childhood on contribute to drawing us off our path, and a feeling of flatness or of intense anxiety often accompanies this. It's very common to have this experience during midlife (the wake-up call, so to speak), and I work to help you "re-member" yourself.

Transpersonal and Jungian therapy are terms that describe my belief that whatever you experience - good and bad - it's a psychological invitation to become whole. I work with your stories, dreams, symptoms, behaviors, and mindfulness to guide you back into a full knowing of yourself, and acceptance of your path.

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traci uchida, MA. Licensed marriage and family therapist, #104474.

office in oakland, ca.                                                              


As a Holistic and Transpersonal therapist, I hold that there is no separation between our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits. Because there is no separation, the “whole” person needs to be considered and treated. The integration of these multiple dimensions of the self leads to healing and increased health and wholeness, which translates to living a better life–one that is more balanced and authentic, and you can feel free to be and express who you are in this world, and share your own amazing gifts. I know that you are so much more than what or who you might believe yourself to be. As we explore the complexities of what it means to be human and to have a body on this earth, you will be working towards reclaiming your personal power and personal freedom in life. This is so that you can connect with your unique purpose and experience those things you love to do.

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(510) 833-3587

I use a holistic, client-centered approach that considers you as a whole person and focuses on helping you figure out your own goals.  I strongly believe in bridging the gap between the world of science and the art of being human.  I provide a safe space to meet you where you are and work on what you're ready for.  I frequently use techniques from well-researched modalities like art therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, as well as being trained in other theories. Therapy in Mandarin Chinese available.

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(510) 463-4890

You have a fundamental right to feel good about yourself, to feel that you are worth it, to know that you are okay! 

Societal expectations impose extreme demands on us - we almost have to become super-humans to feel that we belong. To meet these demands many of us have come to believe that we don't have the right to the most basic experiences of being human, such as the ability to feel our emotions in a full and satisfying way, or the right to make mistakes. We then may feel guilty, ashamed, anxious, depressed, fearful, unworthy, or painfully inadequate. Therapy helps you get back in touch with your true identity.  It supports you in owning your wants and needs, communicating them effectively, and being able to identify, decide and pursue what you really want to experience in life.


phoenix jackson, LMFT #110164. APCC# 3049. Supervised by elysha Martinez, LMFT.

office in oakland, ca.

(510) 214-6762

Most of us have experienced feeling awkward, anxious, or sad at some point in our lives, and if we have not survived trauma, we will. Many people receive painful messages that their concerns are either too big or too small to be helped. When we feel judged, we either shut down emotionally or lash out verbally or physically. This creates more distance from others and damages relationships. In therapy, by making past experiences and beliefs safe to be spoken, we begin to notice what feels true to us and when we are carrying messages which no longer serve us.

In my practice, everyone gets have a place where they are cared about. You deserve to be here and be known for the gift you are to this world. You have a right to heal.

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Known for his wonderful sense of humor and dedication to the truth, Pablo brings courage and humility to therapy - helping clients ask and answer the hard questions. He's committed to championing his clients through their struggles and challenges, often acting as a mentor and advocate. Pablo enjoys working with parents and families generally, and specializes in working with Spanish-speaking clients, especially those struggling with issues of acculturation and immigration trauma.

He also is challenging old forms of masculine identity in Latin communities and contributes by working with Latino community members, modeling new ways of interacting and communicating in relationships.

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Are you facing a major life transition, experiencing anxiety and/or depression, or having difficulty relating to others? Perhaps you sought help in the past, but felt you weren't really seen or heard, or showed up because somebody else thought you needed "fixing." Therapy with me means you show up exactly as you are, and we work together to get through what hurts. Whether you're a teen trying to figure out "adulting" or an adult trying to reconnect to a sense of youthful joy, I can help you to navigate change, overcome emotional pain, and develop more resilience.

I specialize in working with those who dare to exist outside of the status quo. I will not presume to know what is best for you, nor will I see any part of you--your gender identity, sexual orientation, or how you interact with your intimate partner(s)--as something that needs to be fixed.