Axis Mundi Center for Mental Health
Therapy and Counseling Services

our mission

Dignity. Equity. Compassion.

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…” ~ June Jordan

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…” ~ June Jordan

  • Diverse and inclusive therapy & counseling, including therapists who actively identify themselves.

  • Training for clinicians who identify as socially just practitioners.

  • Programs that meet community defined needs.

  • Service that prioritizes ethical and equitable treatment of marginalized members of society.

What We’re All About…

Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion - Axis Mundi Center for Mental Health is an attempt to answer a call, and to respond to that call with grace, expertise, humility, and determination. It's mission is the product of years of experience (and frustration) in the mental health field, where affordable, culturally competent therapy is as rare as it is needed.

It's an acknowledgement that we live in a time that has defined itself by its struggles with race, culture, power and politics, and wants to contribute to solutions and social development through a different kind of counseling. It's a commitment to our communities, and reflects our drive to not only offer culturally competent therapy, but to turn out culturally competent clinicians.

We opened our doors in October 2016 with a small team of both licensed and pre-licensed clinicians - joined together by our mutual concerns, ethics, and a dedication to trying something new as well as challenging what’s not working anymore, and by our mutual respect for the work we have already done together in the past.

The Fit: We also live by a fundamental commitment to “rightness of fit”. Over and over, research confirms the vital importance of a good fit between therapist and client. That’s our focus and our guide, at all levels of the organization. That means things are a little different over here! For example:

  • Our consultations and intakes with clients are not solely about the fit of the therapist and the client in that moment. They’re about assessing the overall best fit for the client - that might mean that therapist, it might mean someone else in the agency, it might mean someone at another organization. We’re dedicated to applying our network of information to ultimate client well-being.

  • We also trust that staff are more fit to certain needs and roles than others, and this is something that can change often and over time. AM work culture norms are about role fluidity, creative resource applications, and wise response…not about fixed expectations and identities.

  • Culturally, we believe that those who are here now are those who are fits for the times.