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Passion. Commitment. Humility.

We’re here to do things differently - to make contributions to the world of mental health, and also to leadership. We commit to relational models of leading and teaching, not domination hierarchies. We connect to and care for each other, invest in our creativity of thought and expression, and practice transparency in as many ways as we can consider. We use a present-centered model of business guidance, tending to the growth of the center as the needs arise in the moment. We lead by following the Center as it unfolds, and supporting it in that, as we can. It’s not easy, it’s often messy, and requires a courage of spirit and heart.

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executive director

elysha “Lacy” martinez, MA. lmft #93493

Elysha (or "Lacy"), has a long history in the mental health field, particularly in the places it intersects with advocacy and education. As a student herself she worked in student government advocating on behalf of the student experience and has founded multiple projects that continue in that tradition. Axis Mundi Center represents her attempt to integrate her 3 core commitments to education, quality therapy, and socially just practices of all.

She is currently adjunct faculty at John F. Kennedy University and Pacific Oaks College, teaching in their graduate degree programs for counseling psychology. She specializes in Depth Psychotherapy, the application of Ethics and the Law, and Diagnosis and Assessment.

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administrative director

sing murphy, mfa.


Sing’s drive for her work comes from her passionate commitment to her core values of justice, decency, dignity, integrity, and the human need to create and express freely. She’s combined these essentials in her professional identity, with nearly two decades of administrative leadership in the holistic mental health field - assisting, supporting, and mentoring young clinicians. Her role at AM continues that path, as she manages the organizational and structural needs of the center.

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community partnership coordinator

karla papula, MA.

Karla is a “belonging activist” who believes that our sense of belonging - in our bodies, to our communities, in our culture, professions and families of origin - impacts us socially, cognitively, behaviorally, emotionally, somatically, spirituality and existentially. At AM, she takes that philosophy beyond the therapy room and explores how the center can connect and support the communities it’s embedded in and shares. Have a project, mission, or need you think we can meet and support? Please reach out!


spanish-speaking services coordinator

pablo navarrete-martinez, Ma. LMFT # 113991

Pablo has a long-standing interest in the nature of the human experience, and how psychology and spirituality connect. Originally from Mexico, Pablo was raised to integrate indigenous and modern wellness practices, and he brings this also to his therapy work. He has over 25 years of experience in hospitality and management, as well as a decade of experience in mental health and hospice.

Pablo currently works at Seneca Family of Programs, at a school site, as assisting with mental health needs and wrap-around services. Pablo is dedicated to bringing therapy and counseling into diverse communities where language or stigma may have been obstacles to receiving care in the past. He handles all Axis Mundi's client, administrative, and programming needs in Spanish.