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Senior Associates

"When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind"

~ African Proverb

Associates on this page have more than 3 years of post-graduate experience in the field, and are firmly rooted in their professional identities. They are often preparing for licensure exams, mentoring newer colleagues just entering the agency, and exhibit a maturity and quiet confidence that only comes from multiple types of experience accumulated over time. They've had thousands of hours of training, consultation, supervision, have likely led classes themselves, and have integrated their new careers fully into their lives. They have experience with treating clients who may need more experienced levels of care, and are excellent matches for clients who are feeling an urgency around beginning therapy and counseling.



lauren cf new.jpg

lauren cohn-frankel, MA. AMFT#.

supervised by raia kogan, LMFT & eugene Porter, lmft.       


Empathic, clear, and calming, Lauren’s belief in the healing power of relationship informs their therapeutic practice as much as their deep concern for social justice.  A background in fine art, along with their degree in Somatic Psychotherapy, helps them bring both creativity and grounded-ness to their work with clients; work which incorporates the body, mind, and heart.  Lauren is attuned to the ways in which trauma, stigma, and self care interact - particularly with clients who experience oppression due to gender, sexuality, race, substance use, disability, mental illness, and others.  Therapy with Lauren is a process of exploration, defining, understanding; learning to see what is missing and what is needed, and making room for the self’s natural wisdom and capacity for healing to take over.


Interested in working with a more experienced clinician? Please feel free to reach out to any of our senior associates and licensed clinicians for a consultation or referral!