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Working With Connie Hart

Connie Hart, MA

Associate Marriage and family therapist #110929.

supervised by Gary Hoeber, LMFT

offices in walnut creek and oakland, ca.

I specialize in working with couples, as well as individuals recently out of relationships looking to reconnect with themselves. My approach is one of radical acceptance and love.

Most couples come to therapy because of communication issues. The reality is, difficulty communicating is often a symptom of deeper individual issues with connection and differing attachment styles. 

In the room we work with anything from established clinical tools to more holistic approaches, such as meditative grounding, somatic sensing, expressive arts, and energy work.

"Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant." Paulo Coelho

A graduate of John F. Kennedy's Counseling psychology program

Specialization in transpersonal psychotherapy


  • Couples

  • Parents of LGBTQI

  • Working Mother

  • Adults

For additional information about me, please see my Psychology Today profile



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