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2nd Year Associates


“A tree with strong roots laughs at storms”

~Malay Proverb

They’ve been around a while, by now. The work of therapy and counseling is no longer a new endeavor, and clinicians in their second year of associateship have sunk into their professional identities with thousands of hours of experience. Additionally, they’ve already begun the licensing exam process, focusing on cultivating the highest ethical standards of the field alongside the legal requirements of being therapists.

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CHristie Lee, MA. Associate marriage and family therapist #96530.

office in berkeley, ca.


Supervised By: Elysha Martinez, LMFT

What is true and meaningful for you?

This is the question we will explore in our work together, using a collaborative approach with a focus on self-awareness and mental liberation. My goal is to support you in your quest to determine what personal growth means to you, and to provide a safe, empathic environment where you can develop the perspective and inner resources to help you live a happier, healthier life.

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Amanda Piasecki, ma. Associate Marriage and family therapist #102732

Offices in san francisco and oakland, ca.


Supervised By: Elysha Martinez, LMFT

Through therapy, we can author and re-author life stories and personal mythologies in order to bring self-supporting realities into existence.  I work collaboratively with clients, cultivating existing strengths and internal resources in order to foster relationships and life experiences that contribute to clients' recovery and wellbeing.  When invited, and with respect, I’m honored to explore what makes clients who they are, and to support who they want to become. 

My approach is influenced by depth psychology, feminist, relational, collectivist, transformative justice, and somatic perspectives and practices.  I additionally offer clients my hard skills in anti-oppression work, advocacy, narrative therapy, harm reduction, CBT, DBT, trauma-informed, and somatic therapies. I bring a lifetime of experience walking my talk in support of personal and community healing.

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