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Trainees in Practicum


“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.” Shunryu Suzuki

Trainees in practicum are in the last year of their schooling, and are being exposed to multiple models of thought about therapy and alternative healing modalities. In addition to expert supervision, they are steeping in the minds and expertise of professors and colleagues who have been part of assessing their readiness to begin sitting with clients. Although there is a way they have the least amount of professional experience, there is another way that every client that sits with them has access to some of the best clinicians in the field.

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Vincent Buhagiar. trainee in Practicum at JFKU.

(339) 337-3729  

Supervised by Elysha Martinez, LMFT.

I bring a warm, accepting, open, and light-hearted energy to the therapy room. Our work together might be difficult but also rewarding, as I help you to confront the reality of your experience. Together we will determine how your own beliefs are contributing to that reality and whether this is functional for you - or not. I will also help you to uncover your own personal blind spots as you meet the You that you are truly supposed to be.


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LU Johnson. Trainee in practicum at jfku.        


Supervised by Shirley Bar-Dvir, LMFT.

Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach before meeting someone new, or felt sleepy at work and immediately energized once you left the office, or had a huge headache after having a difficult conversation? If so, that’s because these are common examples of how our physical sensations can be directly tied to our experiences. However, there are many ways our bodies respond to thoughts, emotions, and circumstances that are unique to us as individuals.  

Tuning into your body can help you understand your feelings, thoughts, and life experiences more deeply. This understanding can support you in being the person you want to be and creating the life you want to have.


Jamie Zuromski, Trainee in practicum at jfku.

Supervised by Elysha Martinez, LMFT.

As a depth practitioner, I believe that as you are is already good enough, that human suffering is natural and inevitable, and that you already have everything you need to become whole. I also believe that therapy is a process begun by and guided by you.

As your therapist, my job is to help you notice your own gifts, challenges, traits, abilities, and beliefs. I shine a light on the places in you that are difficult to see. I’ll help reflect back to you things that are already yours - from unknown hardships to unremembered resources. I’m here to help you remember who you really are.

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Supervised by Elysha Martinez, LMFT.

As we move through difficult times as adults, many of us are unknowingly playing out subconscious and childhood patterns.  With my support, humor, and warmth, we will connect to your inner strength to be more present and advocate for your whole self. Our work together will empower you to be more comfortable in your body and truth.