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1st Year Associates


"We can see in the acorn, the oak tree." ~ Maya Angelou

Developed, capable, and confident - Associates in their first year of practice after graduation have had time to settle into the transition out of school, as well as build relationships with other community organizations, colleagues, trainers, and mentors. They are well on their way to developing the established presence of licensed professionals.


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ERICA BERMAN, MA. Associate marriage and family therapist #110551

Office in oakland, Ca.                                                                            


Supervised by Shirley Bar-Dvir, LMFT.

I offer somatically oriented therapy, a mind/body approach towards emotional and mental health. We hold a lot of unexpressed emotions and patterns in our body, and finding ways to notice and work with them can help us create shifts and cultivate tools for day-to-day life. Unlike traditional therapies, you will find the tools of connecting with your body, through touch, movement, and working in the present moment, can generate long term shifts in your entire constitution. My practice is trauma informed, which means I work with you to create safety and resiliency as tools for healing. I do not see your trauma as a problem to be fixed, but rather something that can be recovered from over time, with the potential for deep learning.

My practice is framed in the understanding that we live in a culture built on systemic injustice. One of my passions is working with people around understanding, addressing, and healing from it. These are exciting, scary and heartbreaking times. All of your process is welcome here; grief, anger, rage, numbness, or something else

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connie hart, ma. ASSOCIATE Marriage and family therapist #110929.

offices in oakland and walnut creek, ca. 


Supervised by Gary Hoeber, LMFT.

I believe that everyone deserves access to affordable mental health care, and approach every client from a stance of radical acceptance and love. In the room we work with whatever is comfortable for the client, including anything from established clinical tools to more holistic approaches, such as meditative grounding, somatic sensing, expressive arts, and energy work.

I particularly enjoy working with couples, parents, and gender non-conforming clients within those intersections.

"Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant." Paulo Coelho



office in oakland, ca.

845.288.2895 |



Supervised by Shirley Bar-Dvir, LMFT.

Therapy with me is relational, empathic, humanistic, body-oriented, mindful and experiential.

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office in oakland, CA.

Supervised by Eugene Porter, LMFT.

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lindsay focht, MA. ASSOCIATE Marriage and family therapist #110425.

Supervised by Elysha Martinez, LMFT.

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jennifer villena, ma. AMFT #110372

Office in Walnut creek and lafayette, ca.


Supervised By: Anin Utigaard, LMFT.

I offer a person-centered approach for adults, children & teens affected by everyday anxiety and stress of getting through the day which can lead to low self-esteem, isolation, and self-judgment. Striving for perfection and comparing yourself to others can be alienating, making you feel alone and not enough. In our work together we face the defenses of self-judgment, loneliness, fear, weakness, and embarrassment. Through the process of sharing your experience and inviting me to assist you through your therapeutic process together, we can shed the doubt and empower you towards love and self-acceptance.





Supervised By: Elysha Martinez, LMFT #93493.

Specialties: I use Depth, Somatic, and Expressive Arts Therapy, focusing on identifying and liberating the emotion that is present in your body. My goal is to help give your emotions a voice, so that you can understand what your body is trying to communicate. I want to help you access the full potential of your soul’s truth, and let go of whatever might be holding you back. I use talk, movement, and writing based practices to help access the wisdom from your subconscious. I work with grief, death, trauma, depression, suicidal thoughts, self-esteem issues, sexual abuse, sexual “stuckness” And helping you access the joy that is available within you.